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    Żaryn: Kremlin to Test Poland’s New Government

    Russian hybrid actions against Poland often combine informational efforts with real-world activities. The recent threats from the Kremlin regarding the Suwałki Gap serve as another piece of evidence, according to Stanisław Żaryn’s social media post. The politician is convinced that Russian authorities will test the Polish government while simultaneously destabilizing the country.

    In his post on the platform, Żaryn recalls that Russian propagandist Dmitry Rogozin, posing as a politician, “argued that Russia should cut off the territorial corridor to Kaliningrad” – in other words, attack Lithuania or Poland and create a Moscow-controlled land strip. He writes that this is a typical attempt at intimidation and coercion.

    “At the same time, there are emerging reports in the media about the reinforcement of Russian and Belarusian units stationed on the western border of Belarus, including at the tripoint: Poland – Lithuania – Belarus,” he informs.

    Żaryn emphasizes that it is a fact that there is reinforcement of military units and infrastructure towards the west in Belarus, but the situation is not currently threatening. He states, “What is happening in Belarus and Rogozin’s absurd words already share a common denominator. Russia uses both visible mechanisms here for provocation and pressure on Poland. Informational actions complement military pressure in a model manner,” says the former Government Plenipotentiary for Information Security of the Republic of Poland.

    “In the coming months, further Russian actions against Poland should be expected. The Kremlin will be testing the new government of the Republic of Poland and, on the other hand, continuing to destabilize Poland and the entire eastern flank of NATO,” he emphasized.


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