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    Zelensky Calls on Tusk to Meet at the Polish-Ukrainian Border: “It’s a Matter of Security”

    Volodymyr Zelensky has also requested support for this dialogue from President Andrzej Duda. “It’s a matter of national security,” stressed the Ukrainian President.

    “I have instructed our government to arrive at the border between our countries by February 24th, at the latest. And I ask you, Donald, Mr. Prime Minister, to also come to the border. Andrzej, Mr. President, I ask you to support this dialogue,” Zelensky wrote in both Polish and Ukrainian, addressing Tusk and Duda on Telegram.

    “Enough of Moscow…”

    As the president announced, from the Ukrainian side, “our entire government, from logistics to the agricultural sector, and of course, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, will be present at the border, because, unfortunately, this blockade at the border is increasing threats in the supply of weapons to our soldiers at the front.”

    “I am ready to be at the border together with our government. And I want to appeal now to the European Commission: we must maintain unity in Europe. This is in the fundamental interest of the European Union. Therefore, Ukraine is appealing to the European Commission to have a representative of the Commission participate in this meeting, also in view of our common interests and to stop political manipulation,” Zelensky declared in a recording published on his website and on social media.

    “Enough of Moscow on our lands. Enough of misunderstandings,” appealed the Ukrainian president.

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