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    Ziobro Alleges Political Motive in Raid

    Former Polish minister Zbigniew Ziobro claims recent raid on his home was politically motivated and violated his rights.

    Former Polish Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro, denounced a recent raid on his home as politically motivated. Ziobro claims the search, conducted by prosecutors, was a “fishing expedition” aimed at tarnishing his reputation.

    Ziobro criticized the authorities for allegedly damaging property unnecessarily during the raid and seizing irrelevant documents. He likened the experience to a hypothetical scenario involving his political rival, Donald Tusk.

    Political Vendetta

    Accusing Tusk and his allies of orchestrating the raid, Ziobro emphasized the violation of his rights and the disregard for due process. He portrayed the incident as emblematic of Poland’s deteriorating rule of law.

    “Imagine a scenario where Donald Tusk undergoes a lengthy, eight-hour surgery, and during his recovery, his home is subjected to a search. Now, let’s say I am the Attorney General or the ruling Law and Justice party is in power. Suddenly, a large group of ABW agents storms into his residence, damaging significant parts of the building’s facade and breaking down the entrance doors, despite having the means to enter without causing destruction. They strip Tusk of all his rights granted by the Criminal Procedure Code, despite having his phone number readily available for communication. Additionally, they seize documents like the Civic Platform’s media analysis and allege its connection to Tusk’s supposed criminal activities,” Ziobro drew the comparison.

    “So, what we witnessed was a trawling search, executed to fulfill political orders from Tusk and Bodnar, happening right before our eyes. This is the reality of ‘Smiling Poland,’ supposedly acting in the name of the rule of law and adherence to legal principles. The true face of this situation became apparent throughout the night until the early hours of the morning,” he added.

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