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    ZUS Regulations for Ukrainian Refugees Returning to Poland

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    The spokesperson for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Paweł Żebrowski, has emphasized the necessity for Ukrainian refugees leaving Poland to promptly suspend their benefit payments. Even a single-day absence triggers this requirement, with reentry subject to crucial border formalities. ZUS stresses that Ukrainian citizens maintain benefit eligibility if their stay does not exceed 30 days.

    ZUS must halt benefit payouts for Ukrainian refugees immediately upon departure. However, this suspension is temporary and does not negate the entitlement. Reentry within 30 days, documented by the Border Guard register, leads to benefit reinstatement along with retroactive adjustments.

    Returning refugees utilizing temporary protection must notify Border Guard officers during passport checks and present their electronic permit. Failure to do so can lead to loss of legal status. Such individuals can rectify this by contacting the Border Guard, amending their status, and informing ZUS. Address updates via the Border Guard prompt ZUS to resume benefits.

    Refugees reentering via other countries, e.g., Slovakia, face more intricate procedures. Registration with local authorities and reapplication for “UKR” status are essential. ZUS then utilizes this data to resume benefit payments.

    Challenges and Solutions: Ukrainian refugees have lodged complaints with the Ombudsman, contesting lost benefit status. ZUS clarifies its stance on prompt reentry and record-keeping, addressing these concerns. The Ombudsman seeks efficient ZUS actions regarding Ukrainian benefit reinstatements.

    ZUS’s strict rules regarding the departure and return of Ukrainian refugees underscore the significance of proper border formalities. The institution’s focus on timely communication with the Border Guard and local authorities ensures the rightful resumption of benefits for eligible recipients.

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