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    100th anniversary of death of first President of Poland Gabriel Narutowicz

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    Today marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Gabriel Narutowicz, the first President of the Republic of Poland.

    Gabriel Naturowicz was a Polish professor of hydroelectric engineering and politician who served as the first President of Poland. He served as a President from December 11, 1922, until his assassination on December 16, 1922, five days after assuming office. He also served as the Minister of Public Works (1920-1922) and briefly as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1922. 

    “One hundred years ago, the first President of the Republic of Poland Gabriel Narutowicz was killed by an assassin. This event put an end to the president’s plans and was the reason why he went down in history mostly as a victim of a politically-motivated murder,”

    Łukasz Jasina, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, wrote in a statement today. 

    “Gabriel Narutowicz remains a symbol of selfless service to a reborn homeland for which he gave up an outstanding professional career abroad. The fates of Gabriel and Stanisław Narutowicz, which one hundred years ago divided Poles and Lithuanians, today represent difficult aspects of our common history that brings us closer together than ever before,”

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