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    President Duda and president Trump rumoured to meet in the White House

    It is likely that even before the presidential elections in Poland, a meeting between president Donald Trump and president Andrzej Duda will take place in Washington, informed the “Politico” website. If the meeting indeed took place, it would be a clear show of support for Duda from the Trump administration.

    Following the break in meetings between American and foreign officials in the White House due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is said that Donald Trump will start having visitors once again. The “Politico” website reports that one of the people the American head of state will shortly meet will be the Polish president Andrzej Duda. Such meeting could take place as early as next week, which would mean that Duda would go to the United States just before the presidential elections.

    “Of course, the inviting side is the one which should be announcing first about such a meeting, so I cannot say anything at this time. What I can say, is that we have been indeed leading advanced talks with the American side in recent days regarding three, very important matters: one of them is the future of the American military presence in Europe. We know the decisions Mr Trump made regarding the US troops in Germany, and from where we stand it does not have to affect the American presence in Europe”, Krzysztof Szczerski, the president’s chief of cabinet commented on the matter.

    “The rumoured visit of president Andrzej Duda in the White House is a very good information, it means that the relations between the two countries are developing and that they are important to each other. This would be the first visit of a foreign leader to Washington since the outbreak of the pandemic, which bears importance as well. This meeting would also look good for president Duda ahead of the elections, and who knows, maybe for president Trump as well, although in 6 months from now”, added prof. Bogan Szafrański, an Americanist from the Łazarski University.

    If the rumours come true, president Duda’s visit would come at the time of transferring some of the American troops from Germany to Poland. The lessening of American military presence in Europe from 34 to 25 thousand and the transfer from Germany to Poland is the result of Germany not fulfilling the NATO obligation of allocating 2% GDP to defence.





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