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    Biedroń cannot make up his mind

    The LGBT+ communities were enraged by the recent words of president Andrzej Duda describing the LGBT+ as an ideology and not people. The left wing of the Polish political scene is intent on painting Duda as a radical homophobe. Meanwhile Robert Biedroń, a homosexual candidate for president from the liberal Spring party, engaged his mother in the campaign. He also proposed a meeting between him, his mother and the head of state. The president agreed, but then Biedroń began avoiding the subject and no one really knows now what were his true intentions.

    On Tuesday, it was rumoured that president Andrzej Duda invited Robert Biedroń and his mother to a meeting, for which Biedroń himself asked for previously. The meeting was supposed to be about the words spoken by Duda during an election rally, describing the LGBT+ as an ideology rather than people. Helena Biedroń was the first to respond to the invitation.

    “When I got the invitation, I thought to myself: why? I fear, that it is only so people could see you with me and think that we got to an agreement”, she said in a special video.

    Yesterday evening, Biedroń refused to meet with the president, even though he proposed it in the first place, claiming that the meeting would be used by the Polish head of state to save his presidential campaign.

    “I will not go the meeting with president Duda tomorrow, as I feel he intends to use us to save his image”, he stated.

    Today, during the time the meeting was supposed to take place, Biedroń held a press conference in front of the presidential palace, saying that he wants to meet with the president after all, but only if he apologises for his words about the LGBT+.

    “I accept the invitation under one condition – that you will say one simple word, which doesn’t cost much but can mean a lot to millions of Poles – I’m sorry. We still haven’t heard that important phrase from you”, stated the candidate of the Left.

    The chaos caused by Robert Biedroń, according to columnist Krzysztof Karnkowski, is his attempt to salvage his presidential campaign.

    “He fell to the last place of the candidates which count in opinion polls. Almost the entire electorate which could have voted for him was taken away from him either by Rafał Trzaskowski or Szymon Hołownia. I believe that he is desperately searching for a subject which could bring him attention. The matter of LGBT+ is obviously a chance for him to speak up, but whether he will take it, we just have to wait and see. For now, I doubt he has a clue on how to make us of it”, commented Karnkowski.

    Tonight, a debate between all the candidates will take place on the air of the public television TVP.





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