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    Foreign families seek asylum in Poland

    Dutch family den Hertog, oppressed by the Dutch office for family matters, has asked Poland for asylum. It is yet another case of oppressed citizens of western Europe seeking legal protection in Poland. In many western countries, the mere accusation of domestic abuse can lead to children being taken away by social care.

    A European Arrest Warrant was issued for the den Hertog family. In February 2018, 7-year-old Martin was taken away from his family in the middle of the night by the Dutch social care, after the neighbours of the den Hertog family reported possible abuse. However, Martin had been diagnosed with advanced autism, causing him to have uncontrollable bursts of rage. The neighbours’ accusations led to the taking away of the child. The family applied for asylum in Poland.

    “The reports were made in January and beginning of February. The Dutch police and representatives of social care barged in the apartment of the Den Hertog family in the middle of the night and took away the child wearing nothing but pyjamas, while he was screaming. It later turned out that the parents faced no charges, but the family was separated for 13 months”, stated Babken Khanzadyan, the attorney of the den Hertog family.

    As the spokesman for the regional police in Warsaw, senior commissioner Robert Szumiata informed, the Polish police are taking actions in this matter, but due to the international character of the case, cannot disclose any further details. The attorney of the den Hertog family says that after the Dutch state placed the child in a boarding school, it offered 10 thousand euro to anyone willing to take Martin under their care.

    “We have a situation where the parents did not kidnap their child, but were rather forced to flee in order to retain their right to be together as a family. The parents wish to fully cooperate with the law enforcement, they will report to the police station whenever they are summoned”, said attorney Khanzadyan.

    As the family’s attorney informs, the den Hertog family may be arrested at any minute. It is yet another case of families seeking asylum in Poland, due to injustices of social care systems in other European countries. Other cases often came from Sweden, Norway and Germany.

    “We are also giving legal counsel to many other families, like the Dombayev family from Chechnya, who escaped from Denmark so they wouldn’t be separated. We represent Mr. Lisov too, who ran away with his three daughters. Poland is now a kind of oasis for all European parents and families who are seeking asylum and help”, added the counsellor.

    The den Hertog family hopes that Poland, as a country protecting family and children’s rights, will be a place where they can find peace and safety.







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