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    13-Year-Old Stabs Homeless Polish Man in Germany

    A tragic outcome ensued from a quarrel involving a homeless man and a group of teenagers in the German city of Dortmund. One of the boys, aged 13, pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed the man, resulting in the 31-year-old’s death. German media reports indicate that the victim was of Polish descent.

    The incident occurred on Thursday evening when the 31-year-old homeless man got into an altercation with four minors. Reports suggest he was behaving aggressively. At one point, one of the 13-year-olds brandished a knife and stabbed the homeless man multiple times.

    According to German police and prosecutors, there is no doubt that the 13-year-old is the perpetrator. The altercation was recorded on a mobile phone by one of the accompanying boys, aged 14.

    The man, wounded by the knife, fell into a canal (the incident took place near the port, in the Dortmunder Hafen district), managed to climb a ladder, and get out of the water. However, he collapsed and succumbed to his injuries.

    Police report that the 13-year-old assailant fled the scene with his companions, aged 13, 14, and 15. However, they were soon apprehended by officers called to the scene by witnesses. A police dog assisted in finding the murder weapon.

    The perpetrator, of Bulgarian origin, will not face legal consequences for the murder due to his age.

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