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    Unexploded bomb in Łomża and evacuation of residents

    Dozens of people had to be evacuated in Łomża on Monday after an unexploded bomb was found
    during the earthworks, the police informed. The unexploded explosion was removed by sappers that

    On Monday morning, the police received information about an unexploded bomb found during
    construction works at ul. Wiejska in Łomża. The police in Podlasie reported that it was a mortar
    grenade, which was secured by police officers until the arrival of the sappers. According to the police,
    by the decision of the sapper commander, the inhabitants of nearby blocks were evacuated, within a
    radius of approx. 300 meters, during the pick-up and removal of the unexploded bomb. In total, it
    was approx. 50 people. In the afternoon, after 2 p.m., the sappers’ action was over and the residents
    could return to their homes.


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