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    “Success of Poland” – over 70 percent of respondents satisfied!

    70.1 percent of respondents believe that the Polish government achieved success during the last summit in Brussels, only 29.9 percent of respondents considered the negotiations as a failure. The survey of the Estymator studio was created for the portal.

    The portal reports that the Estymator studio asked Poles about the assessment of the PLN 750 billion EU funds negotiated for Poland in Brussels for the next perspective. 70.1 percent of respondents considered it “definitely” or “rather” success. In the survey also asked about the effectiveness of negotiations conducted by prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the summit in Brussels. 66.5 percent of the respondents assessed the activities of the head of government as “definitely” and “rather” positively. And “definitely” and “rather” negatively 33.5 percent. In the survey asked the respondents whether the funds allocated by the European Union are currently well used by Poland. 69.7 percent of the respondents believe that the money is spent “definitely” or “rather” well. 30.3 percent of respondents think “definitely” and “rather” wrong.



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