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    School year to begin as planned

    There is important news for children, parents and teachers from the Minister of Education, Dariusz Piontkowski. The start of the new academic year is scheduled for the 1st of September. The Ministry is convinced it will be safe to return to schools, and detailed guidelines have been prepared in connection with the pandemic.

    In the words of Minister of Education Dariusz Piontkowski, school children will most likely not be obligated to cover their mouths and noses during standard lessons. He added that rules and restrictions in terms of personal hygiene will be in place, for example obligatory hand disinfection. During a press conference, Piontkowski stated that his department, in cooperation with the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Ministry of Health, has prepared guidelines which all educational institutions must abide by in order for the students, teachers and staff can feel safe. He added that three models of teaching will be implemented in schools: traditional, remote, and mixed. The head of the Ministry expressed, however, that if the epidemiological situation is under control, then the vast majority of schools will follow the traditional model.



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