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    Poles happier than ever

    New opinion poll shows that Poles believe that 2018 was a good year.

    Poles have the reputation of being fond of complaining about all things possible but according to a survey by the pollster CBOS, Poles are becoming increasingly optimistic about their own lives as well as the development of Poland as a country.

    The survey shows that 69% of Poles believe that 2018 has been a good year for them personally and 68% of the respondents state that the year has been positive for their families,

    Only 10% argued that 2018 as a bad year for them and even less, 6% stated that 2018 had been a bad year for their family.

     CBOS has a tradition of measuring the outlook of Poles on their situation in life every year in the weeks before New Years Eve. This years statistics show that Poles haven’t been as satisfied about the direction their life is taking since 1989, the year that communism fell in the Soviet satellite states.

    50% of respondents argued that 2018 had been a good year for the country while only 16% were of the opposite belief.

    The Polish economy has been growing at a record high speed, and the GDP growth for 2018 is expected to land on 5%. The average salary has increased by up to 7% while inflation will not exceed 2%. The swift economic development is expected to continue next year even if in a slightly slower rate as the world economy is forecasted the pass zenith of the current economic cycle.





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