Prime Minister: We want Silesia to be the industrial heartland of Poland

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We want Silesia to be the industrial heartland of Poland – said Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Tuesday in Katowice. This ‘Program for Silesia’ is completely compatible with the third decade of the XXI century’s challenges.

After Tuesday’s meeting of the Executive Council concerning the ‘Program for Silesia’, Prime Minister assessed that this program focuses not only on industrial capabilities but also on science and research. 


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‘We have prepared further projects about which we will talk in the upcoming weeks. These projects are incredibly important and crucial for the Silesia’s development’ – said Morawiecki. 


He also added that every project from ‘Program for Silesia’ aims to preserve or create workplaces. The transformation should attract people from all over the country but also those who left the Silesia. This voivodeship is going to be the heartland for the Polish economy. ‘This is our commitment, the commitment of the ‘Program for Silesia’ – added.

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