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    Three Seas' Stock Exchanges Conference held in Cracow

    The Three Sea’s Stock Exchanges Conference was held in Krakow today. The Three Seas countries, although jointly constitute 1/3 of the population of the European Union, have only a 10 percent share in the Community’s capital market. President Andrzej Duda was a guest at the Krakow conference and spoke about the ideas for the elimination of these disparities.

    “We have spoken, of course, about the ways to build our stock exchange markets during this time of the coronavirus pandemic, but also in the future. I do hope that we succeed in fighting off this pandemic and that we will go through this time of crisis. I am saying we, because in mind I have the whole Three Seas partnership. I hope that we will return to the road of dynamic growth. We are speaking about building up the economy, and about reaching the level of the rich West European countries as far as the rate of growth and the economic level of society are concerned. In recent years, one of the most important indexes was our rate of growth, which was double that of Western Europe. So, we were making up the gap. We, in a decisive way, need to do everything possible in order to return to that scenario. Once more, I want to express my joy and satisfaction on the occasion of this meeting of the chiefs of stock exchanges. I hope that this builds a new formula of cooperation within the Three Seas countries”, stated president Duda at the conference.


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