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    Tensions in Dover. There has been a scuffle between drivers and cops

    In the south of England this morning, there was a rush between the police and the lorry drivers gathered there, demanding permission to travel to France, reports Reuters. The first ferries from Dover with trucks have already arrived in France, but it will take time to unload the traffic jams. Testing of drivers for coronavirus has begun at Manston International Airport.

    After France closed the borders with the UK on Sunday because of the spread of a new coronavirus variant in the country, over 3000 trucks were stuck around Dover. There are also many Polish drivers waiting to travel to France. On Tuesday evening, the UK agreed with France to restore traffic across the Channel. Truck drivers, like several other groups of people, will be able to cross the channels from Wednesday after showing a negative coronavirus test result, no older than made 72 hours ago.


    On Wednesday morning, many drivers gathered on the roads surrounding the port of Dover, some of them trying to unload their frustration on the clerks and policemen. There was a short push with a small number of police officers, reports Reuters.


    ‘Just after 8 AM, a group of drivers buzzed and whistled at the cops in the port of Dover; several people started pushing through with the officers, trying to break through their line,’ describes Sky News television the event.


    ‘I hope that this morning you will see people and trucks crossing the Channel (La Manche),’ said British Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick on Sky News this morning.



    He added that the army will help to carry out the necessary tests to unload the blockages.


    ‘At Manston Airport, which has been changed into a parking lot for trucks waiting to travel to France, testing of drivers for the presence of coronavirus has begun,’ said the Polish embassy in London. A negative test result is necessary to cross the channel. 


    Drivers are first examined by a rapid coronavirus test; if positive, the test will be repeated by PCR. If an infection is detected, the people who will be infected will be referred to hotels for isolation. 


    ‘The drivers gathered in the south of England, most of them are from European countries, deprived of access to sanitation and the possibility of having a hot meal, are getting more and more nervous, especially as they are unlikely to reach their homes before Christmas,’ writes Reuters.


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