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    German’s cabaret before the Four Hills Tournament

    The Poles were excluded from the first competition of the Four Hills Tournament. Poles cannot occur in Oberstdorf because of the questionable result of the coronavirus test in Klemens Murańka. To make it more fun, our jumpers got to know about this decision from… social media. Piotr Żyła, Polish ski jumper, commented briefly on the situation: ‘Cabaret’.

    The proteges of coach Michal Dolezal were excluded by the German organizers from the first Four Hills Tournament competition. The situation in social media was described by Piotr Żyła, who stressed that he was recently examined three times. Every time he had a result that showed he was completely healthy and there was no way he was infected with the coronavirus.


    ‘You repeat the test three hours before the official training – negative… And you can’t start because you are in a room with Maciek Kot (three times negative test result), who was supposedly sitting on a meal opposite to Klimek Murańko, whose test came out a little positive…’ wrote on Facebook Piotr Żyła, Polish ski jumper, described briefly the scandalous situation in Germany:





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