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    The administration is being vaccinated, doctors and nurses are waiting. The tense situation in the Warsaw hospital website reached unofficial information about vaccinations in one of the biggest hospitals in Warsaw. It turns out that after the staff of the E.R. were vaccinated, the administration started getting vaccinated. Doctors and nurses from other wards are waiting. ‘Is that the right order?’ – asks informant.

    In recent days, Poland has been living through a ‘vaccination scandal’, in which celebrities play a major role. The Warsaw Medical University (WUM) informed this week that 18 well-known figures of culture and art who agreed to become ambassadors of the general vaccination campaign were vaccinated. This has caused public outrage as the ‘zero’ group (health service) should be vaccinated now.


    Numerous comments on the vaccination of people who are not health care workers have been made, including information about the vaccination of the former Prime Minister, Leszek Miller from Democratic Left Alliance, the Member of the European Parliament. There are also, inter alia, Krystyna Janda, Maria Seweryn, Wiktor Zborowski who are from outside the medical environment, and who has received the vaccine.


    But it’s not over! The vaccinations organized by the Medical University of Warsaw did not only concern the celebrities. As the website unofficially learnt, the vaccine was also to be received by the president of a large chain of cafés together with his son (who was born in 1999). There are also known cases all over Poland when local government officials were vaccinated. 


    The Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski asked the President of the National Health Fund to carry out a detailed inspection in units related to the WUM. The control starts today.


    In many hospitals, the ‘zero’ group is vaccinated, but the order of vaccination can be astonishing. The website has found out how vaccinations are carried out in one of Warsaw’s large hospitals. 


    ‘In the first phase, employees of the Hospital Emergency Ward were vaccinated and there is no doubt about it. However, later it was decided to vaccinate the administration, and here is the discussion. There’s a man who’s maintaining the equipment, but does he have to be vaccinated in the first throw?’ asks our informant.


    ‘Administration, let’s assume just accounts office. Has it that much contact with patients? But doctors and nurses from the wards are still coming down to this E.R. Why didn’t the O. R. get vaccinated? – said a person who knows the situation in the hospital.


    There are many indications that there may have been a situation where the hospital management considered that the administration was more exposed to the infection than nurses, doctors who are obliged to act on E.R. at any time. The operating block is also not included in the first place and it is worth noting that operations are performed in special suits, which are not very comfortable. They reduce movements and increase the risk of error. 


    The question is: ‘Why is a printer restorer considered more vulnerable than a nurse or surgeon?’ Such situations may occur in hospitals all over Poland – there are already known cases when the order of vaccinations raised doubts.


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