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    How to travel to USA for Polish citizens

    Poland is one of the few countries of the European Union that don’t yet have access to visa-free travel to the U.S.
    The Polish flag carrier LOT Polish Airlines has launched a campaign to change that but for it to become a reality, the number of rejected visa applications will have to drop to below 3%. Currently, the figure stands slightly below 4%.
    So, how does the process of travelling to USA look like? These are the steps we should take once our visa application has been approved.

    After filling out the necessary documents online, scheduling an appointment at the local US consulate and having the application for a visa approved, the rest of the process becomes ever more simple. These are really the last steps before the big trip overseas. We only need to be patient and wait until the passport with the visa returns to us. We can wait at home – it will be delivered to the address indicated or we can choose to pick it up at the consulate.

    If we wish to not leave our house, the service of delivery comes with an additional fee of PLN 24 per passport (payable upon delivery). It is very important that we do not forget to enter our mobile number and e-mail address, so that the courier can contact us. When we have the desired documents, all that remains is to check whether all data is correct. Only then should we decide to buy tickets for the plane. LOT Polish Airlines offers passengers a comfortable journey by Boeing 787 Dreamliner: from Warsaw to New York (JFK and Newark), Chicago and Los Angeles; from Budapest to JFK and Chicago; from Krakow to Chicago and from Rzeszów to Newark. When we have a ticket booked, all we have to do is to get to the airport (remember the passport with the visa inside) and then the journey to America is about to start.

    Thanks to LOT’s attractive connections, we can travel both to the east and west coast of the United States. Once we arrive, there are a couple of formalities that need to be taken care off. We must fill out the customs declaration and pass an interview with a customs official.

    After passing through the immigration control, America lays at our feet.

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