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    Police urges drivers to be cautious on the roads

    Due to the intense snowfall that occurs on Monday in Podkarpacie province, the police calls for special care on the roads and for adapting the driving speed to the conditions.

    All highways, national and provincial roads are passable, but there are difficult driving conditions due to snowfall, intense in places – the Podkarpackie Road Service reported in the morning. Many trails are white, some have slush and can be slippery.

    The police of the Podkarpacie province informed that traffic difficulties, caused by heavy snowfall, occur especially in the following poviats: Jasielski, Strzyżowski and Krosno.

    “In most cases, they are caused by roadblocks by lorries, but since the morning the policemen from Podkarpacie also received a dozen or so reports of road incidents,”  the police informed.

    The information provided in the morning by the Podkarpackie Voivodeship Road Authority in Rzeszów shows that 66 vehicles set off for roads to remove snow and sprinkle the roads with sand and salt.

    Due to the weather, Slovakia closed the border crossing in Barwinek on its side.


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