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    Sakiewicz on the ‘Media without choice’ campaign: sheer hypocrisy and action against freedom of speech

    – As of today, I recognize this action as directed against free speech. The evidence for this is the fact that their allies are trying to block the sale of our newspapers for the fact that we did not participate in the action, about which we knew nothing – says Tomasz Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief of ‘Gazeta Polska’ and ‘Gazeta Polska Daily’, to the

    Much of the private media is protesting today in a joint action called ‘Media Without Choice’. The news stations TVN24 and Polsat News broadcast a special message instead of the programs. This morning, on tvn24. pl,, and readers will not read any news articles. Radio stations have also joined the campaign – RMF FM, ZET, TOK FM, Rock Radio – instead of broadcasts the stations broadcast a special announcement. 


    As the website has found out, one of the sales coverages sent the following message to the publisher of ‘Gazeta Polska’:


    ‘I hereby inform you that due to the lack of solidarity of your daily edition with other titles participating in the nationwide protest against the plans of those in power, your product has not been put on sale in any sales points owned by us. All of today’s circulation will be returned to the supplier’ 


    Asked about the ‘Media without choice’ campaign – and about the above-mentioned decision of one of the sellers – Tomasz Sakiewicz answers: 


    ‘Until yesterday I could still consider whether to participate in this campaign. After all, no one likes taxes, even if they are socially justified. But the organizers didn’t even bother to come and tell us about it. Besides, in their case talking about freedom of speech when they have taken us to court many times (like ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ and TVN) is simply hypocrisy’ 


    ‘But as of today, I recognise this action as directed against freedom of speech, and the proof is that their allies are trying to block the sale of ‘Gazeta Polska’ – for not taking part in an action we knew nothing about. Until they disassociate themselves from this, I will argue that their main purpose is to muzzle those who think differently,’ he added.


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