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    2023 World Championships in Budapest: Polish Race Walker Katarzyna Zdziebło Disqualified

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    In a disappointing turn of events, Katarzyna Zdziebło, a 26-year-old Polish race walker, had her competition abruptly cut short during the 20-kilometer race walk final at the World Championships in Budapest. Zdziebło was disqualified after receiving four red cards from the judges, putting an end to her race as she occupied the 20th position. She was the sole Polish representative in the event.

    Zdziebło’s disqualification came after completing 11 kilometers, as she was removed from the course prior to the judges’ decision. The four red cards were attributed to infractions including loss of contact with the ground and failure to maintain a fully extended knee.

    While her medal chances were already slim, with a 20th-place position at the halfway mark, Zdziebło’s disqualification dashed her hopes of contending for a World Championship medal. Her determination was also fueled by the goal of meeting the Olympic qualification standards for next year.

    Despite this setback, Zdziebło boasts an impressive career, having secured two World Championship medals last year in Eugene, Oregon, in the 20-kilometer and 35-kilometer race walks. In the 2022 European Championships held in Munich, she added a silver medal to her collection. Domestically, Zdziebło has clinched the Polish national title nine times across distances of 5, 20, and 35 kilometers, even holding the national records in her preferred categories.

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