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    Famous Polish traveller dies when climbing Kilimanjaro

    The family of 74 year old adventurer Aleksander Doba have announced that he has died after he climbed the summit Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. The outstanding canoeist became famous after his epic rowing trip across the Atlantic Ocean at the age of 64.

    Aleksander Doba’s achievements are daring and incredible: in 2010, after his 64th birthday,  he rowed his kayak across the Atlantic Ocean from Senegal to Brazil relying on muscle power alone. The trip took three months and set a world record. At the age 67, he departed from Lisbon (Portugal) for a second transatlantic voyage, and reached Florida after 196 days of paddling. In 2017 Doba was 70 years old and completed his third solo transatlantic trip that took 110 days.

    His last expedition was ascending to the summit of Kilimanjaro. He climbed to 5,756 meters. According to reports, the adventurer was excited and in a great physical and emotional shape but, unfortunately, on top of the mountain, he fainted and died despite attempts at resuscitation. The family of the tragically deceased wrote on Facebook: “he died doing what he loved and fulfilling his dreams”. Rest in peace Aleksander. 




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