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    Krasnodębski on another EP document: When we say 'mum', 'dad' – we just discriminate

    The European Parliament adopted a resolution to declare the European Union an “LGBTIQ freedom zone”. Prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski in a conversation with Katarzyna Gójska on the Polish Radio One said that the document is a political declaration and has no legal consequences. But he also reported, “In another document, it is even said that this and there is this tendency to change the language when we say ‘mom’, ‘dad’ – we are just discriminating against individuals,” he reported.

    A motion for a resolution to declare the European Union an “LGBTIQ freedom zone” has been drafted in the European Parliament. Yesterday, the EP adopted a resolution on that matter. Katarzyna Gójska asked whether this document was just another demonstration by the European Parliament, or it was a document that would be followed up and translated into further action by the European institutions?


    ‘The document itself is a political declaration, so it has no direct legal consequences, but of course, it refers to various provisions and the European Court of Justice, to Art. 2. Treaty on European Union’ – said Zdzisław Krasnodębski. 

    The editor asked the Law and Justice MEP whether the measure aimed was to introduce recognition for families of the so-called “family”. (PL) Mr President, Commissioner, what is the aim of this resolution, namely to ensure that same-sex marriages and rainbow families – this is what it says in the resolution – are permitted in all the countries of the European Union, regardless of their constitutional provisions? ‘Is it a question of opening the wicket by which these regulations would be imposed?’ – she asked.


    ‘Yes, it is obvious, because it talks about equality understood in an absolute way and diversity as the axiological foundations of the Union. If one understands equality in such a literal way, then of course it means not only equality of marriage, of having and raising children, equality in every aspect. In fact, there’s talk of appointing an ombudsman for the United States. equality. This is only a declaration, showing that the parliamentary majority in the European Parliament supports this type of action and understands the axiology and European values in this way,’ – said the politician.


    Krasnodębski assumes that this issue will not end with a declaration, but that “the commission will take action to implement this ideology or axiology”. 


    The text of the resolution refers to the so-called ‘European Parliament’. local government family rights charters. These statements were particularly attacked during the EP debate. 

    The authors of the resolution write that “local government officials are indirectly calling for discrimination against all other forms of families” and listed single-parent couples, same-sex couples, or rainbow families. 


    ‘In Polish legislation, there is no such thing as a ‘rainbow family’ – pointed out Katarzyna Gójska.


    I don’t know what that means at all, because there it has been distinguished between rainbow families and single-sex families. Curious documents were created (in the EP – note). ed.). I have read another bizarre motion for a resolution from the FEMM Committee, which deals with women’s issues, in which there is even more of this kind of wording, which raises doubts as to whether it is serious and whether this is a document from a serious parliament. However, I would like to add that there is talk of indirect discrimination. In other words, the very fact that we support a form of family, we will say, yes, there are and we allow some forms of relationships other than a family, or we even call it a family, we grant rights, but we support the family in the traditional sense – a man and a woman – this is already discrimination because it is indirect discrimination. In that other document, I was talking about it even talks about this and there is this tendency to change the language when we say “mum”, “dad” – then we’re just discriminating against people. There are those families which consist of two fathers and two mothers, etc., so you better use another language altogether. Perhaps even assigning gender is discrimination. It is something like that, because there is supposed to be total equality and prohibition of even indirect discrimination, and this discrimination can be anything, no absolute equality,’ – said the professor.


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