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    Rafako will build a compressor station for Gaz-System

    Rafako has signed a PLN 207.5 million (gross) agreement with Gaz-System to build the Kędzierzyn compressor station. This sixteenth gas compressor station in Poland is planned to be finished by the Spring of 2021.

    The task is to build the station together with the accompanying infrastructure, including the assembly of three compressor aggregates, supplied by the investor. The timeline for the completion of the works is 25 months. Gaz-System stressed that a gas compressor station in Kędzierzyn-Koźle is one of the key investments in South-Western Poland.

    ‘It will work as another element of the North-South gas corridor. At stage one, it will be equipped with three compressor aggregates powered by gas turbines of 23 MW total power. The plan, however, is to have six aggregates of 69 MW total’ the company’s statement says.

    Gaz-System explains that the new station will make it possible to send gas to the Southern and Eastern parts of Poland, allowing for higher gas collection in those areas, thus contributing to improving air quality.

    Its placement in a string of the North-South transmission gas pipelines corridor will secure stable natural gas transmission, especially via the new high-diameter (1000 mm) pipelines.

    After commisioning, the station will be an element of the upgraded transmission system, enabling the diversification of the natural gas sources and integration with the European market. It will also create new job for the construction and, later, exploitation of the compressor station.

    The gas sector is a strategic development direction for Rafako: ‘Winning this contract is a proof of the trust the investor has in our competences broadened to include oil and gas. It also shows that financial institutions believe in our capability in this field’ said Jerzy Wiśniewski, Rafako’s CEO.

    ‘For this contract, we obtained a guarantee of proper performance and advance return guarantee worth PLN 41.5 million, undera new guarantee commitment provided to us by mBank’ he added.

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