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    World Down Syndrome Day. We recall the touching spot: ‘To the mom-to-be’

    March 21 is the World Down Syndrome Day. On this special occasion, we recall a touching spot entitled ‘To the mother-to-be’, in which children with Trisomy 21 respond to the doubts of a pregnant woman who has just found out that her child will be born with Down Syndrome.

    March 21 is not only the first day of astronomical spring but also World Down Syndrome Day. It is therefore worth recalling a short film from 2014 starring children and young people with this birth defect syndrome. 


    The characters in the video assure a woman, who is expecting a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome that her child can live a normal life and be happy. At the same time, they don’t hide the fact that it can be really hard sometimes, but like any mom, they can handle it.




    A video of a girl with Down Syndrome reciting the poem ‘I have the right’ also surfaced in the media yesterday. 


    ‘I have a right to freedom, 

    I can have my own opinion. 

    I’m not a child. 

    I have a right to be loved. 


    I have a right to a family, 

    I have a right to a reason, 


    I have a right to freedom,

    I have the right’ 


    The author of the poem is Maja Kowalczyk.


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