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    Lockdown is in our hands

    I think the next two weeks will be crucial. I hope the Poles will abide by the restrictions. Everything is in our hands – said Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska today, referring to reports about the possibility of introducing a total lockdown.

    The Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister for COVID-19 prof. Andrzej Horban told Polsat News on Monday (22 Mar 2021) that a total lockdown is possible in Poland starting Sunday if we exceed 30.000 infections on Wednesday or Thursday. 


    This statement was commented on by Waldemar Kraska on Channel 1 of Polish Radio today. The Deputy Minister of Health admitted that there could be a lot of new cases and the number of hospital places is limited. 


    ‘If we don’t break this chain of infection, there could, indeed, be a serious problem,’ he admitted.


    At the same time, he pointed out that he was more optimistic than prof. Horban. 


    ‘I think the next two weeks will be key here. I hope that Poles, seeing these new numbers of infections, will abide by the restrictions. I trust in the wisdom of Poles, so I think that we will manage, but it is all in our hands,’ said the Deputy Minister. 


    Kraska also stressed the importance of good cooperation between Voivodes and directors of hospitals where COVID-19 patients are treated. 


    ‘I must say with regret that in all cities this cooperation is not working out as we would like. An example is Warsaw, where the cooperation between the Voivode and city magistrate hall, unfortunately, does not work as we would like it to. It is the patients, of course, who suffer, so my appeal is to put aside these political squabbles. Truly, the welfare and lives of the Polish people come first,’ he said.


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