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    “Awakening of Belarus”

    “Awakening of Belarus” is the title of an exhibition of works of contemporary Belarusian artists and designers, organized on Friday, April 9, by the Belarusian House in Warsaw, dedicated to socio-political events that currently take place in Belarus.

    ‘Thousands of vivid and touching paintings, posters, collages and works of street art have not only become a reflection of Belarusian events but also inspire Belarusians to defend their rights, to fight for truth and justice,’ highlighted the organizers of the exhibition.


    The Belarusian House in Warsaw announced that ‘66 works by 14 authors will be presented at the exhibition, they will be Yury Ledzian, Street Wind, Hanna Kruk, Hanna Murajda, 84n30, Anna Redko, Yana Vyrzhemkovskaya, Lilia Kvatsabaya, Marharita Tichanovič, Maxim Osipau, Alina Shulhouskaya, Gleb Kashtanov, Darya Trublina, Pasha Cas’.


    As written, the works ‘emotionally reflect the atmosphere of protests that have been going on in Belarus since August 9, 2020. They tell the story of the heroes and executioners of the Belarusian revolution, the crimes of the regime and the noble deeds of Belarusians who were not afraid and continued their struggle’.


    ‘Some of these works became legendary, were published in well-known magazines, sent as postcards to political prisoners, their projections were displayed on buildings and apartment houses, were painted on the walls, hung as posters at protests and folded on the graves of new Belarusian heroes,’ organizers emphasised. 


    The organizers of the exhibition expressed the hope that ‘all visitors to this exhibition will feel the spirit of freedom of Belarusian society and will never remain indifferent to the future fate of Belarus and its courageous nation, which now more than ever needs the support of the civilized world in the fight against tyranny and dictatorship’.


    The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday at 1:00 PM at Kryniczna 6 Street. The exhibition will be open until 31 May.


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