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    The Minister of Health changed his mind about amantadine

    I declare that we will see the first test results for amantadine in about two weeks – said the Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski on Tuesday. In his opinion, if they prove positive, amantadine could be used to treat coronavirus later this year.

    Asked on Tuesday on Radio Zet what stage of clinical trials amantadine is at, Niedzielski replied that research on the matter was conducted, among others, by Prof. Konrad Rejdak.

    – I decided to investigate the effectiveness of the use of amantadine because there is a vast polarization when it comes to its use. There are even supporters of it so to say. There is also a very large group of physicians, clinicians, infectious disease specialists who say that the same way they get patients into hospitals who are on amantadine and also these patients, unfortunately, end up under ventilators and also deaths are reported – emphasized the Minister of Health.

    As he added, he received a declaration that these first results on amantadine would be seen in about two weeks. “This is the declaration from the research centre led by professor Rejdak,” said Niedzielski.

    When asked whether these results prove positive or not, amantadine could be used to treat coronavirus later this year, Niedzielski replied, “I think so. “

    Amantadine was widely used between 1996 and 2009 for the prevention and treatment of viral influenza A. Currently, it is used as a neurological drug and administered to patients with Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.


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