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    Morawiecki: Clean environment, climate, air and beautiful rivers – our national goal

    All our actions must lead to the fact that the cost of the energy transition is distributed properly, the least well-off groups must have the prospect of change – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Friday at the Togetair climate summit.

    ‘Clean environment, climate, air and beautiful rivers – this is our national goal. We can say that this is a great social challenge, but also our goal, from which we certainly will not deviate,’ said the Prime Minister at the opening of the third day of the Summit.


    Therefore, we have to rebuild many elements of our economic and social life, but this goal must take into account a certain overriding value; “this value is the life of the entire society” said the Prime Minister.


    As he stressed, there were wide circles of society in Poland that could not bear the essential cost of the energy transition.


    ‘All our actions must lead to the costs of the transformation being spread appropriately, and those groups which are least well off and most dependent on the current energy model must have the prospect of change, and we are striving for such a prospect,’ said Morawiecki.


    During the conference, the Prime Minister pointed out that the social component must take into account all the funds negotiated for the energy transformation within the European Union, but also the funds that will be spent domestically.


    As the Prime Minister said, “the fact that the air will be cleaner, that we will be healthier thanks to the fact that our cars, our buses will not run on oil, gasoline, but finally they will be electric, hydrogen or powered by yet other clean fuels and – this is a very great value.”


    At the same time the Prime Minister stressed that from the perspective of Poland, which is a large importer of crude oil and a large importer of natural gas, this goal was extremely important because of the costs.


    ‘It is important for us to switch to low- and zero-emission transport, to electric or hydrogen transport, also because we spend every year (…) from 50 to even 70 or more billion PLN,’ indicated Prime Minister. 


    ‘Our goal is electromobility, betting on clean transport, clean transport in cities, in smaller towns, on electric buses, but also electric cars, on hybrid cars, on hydrogen. It is a goal that we noticed a few years ago and it is being promoted very strongly, while today it is becoming more and more important on the international stage. It is increasingly becoming the number one goal in the climate policy of very many countries,’ Morawiecki said.


    He expressed confidence that an adequate majority could be built in parliament to ensure that this money serves a just transformation of the energy system, fair climate transformation. This, he said, would help build space for faster growth not just in the coming years, but months and quarters.



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