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    President Duda: The Constitution of 3 May is a model of universal values

    Our ancestors wanted to consolidate freedom and defend their threatened independence, so they decided on a great political reform. The Constitution of 3 May 1791 is a model of universal values – said President Andrzej Duda in the Polish Parliament on the 230th anniversary of the Constitution of 3 May.

    – On the day when the historical past so tangibly meets with the present, we listen to the message of our ancestors, because it is a testimony of their wisdom, responsibility and patriotism because it is our proud Polish and Lithuanian heritage because it is a great historical monument significant for the development of European and all-Human civilization – said the President on Monday during a ceremonial assembly of Polish and Lithuanian deputies and senators.


    The President, who also quoted a fragment of the preamble to the Constitution of 3 May, stressed that “our forefathers wanted to consolidate freedom and defend the threatened independence, and that is why they decided on a great political reform”. 


    – The adoption of the Constitution, the first in Europe and the second in the world, was the proof that the Republic of Poland is full of strength, ready to live and develop following the rhythm of modernity – said Andrzej Duda.


    He added that the Republic of Poland, which was perceived by some at the time as a “peripheral country,” became a precursor of changes introducing a new political and social order.


    – The Constitution of 3 May will be forever remembered as a magnificent model of universal values, as one of the most important achievements of the human mind and the aspiration to build the most perfect political community – emphasized the President.


    – Poles and Lithuanians together take pride in the great achievements of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, we share the pride of the common, great work of the Constitution of 3 May – he stressed.


    – On behalf of the Poles, I would like to thank our Lithuanian brothers warmly for the historic road we have travelled walking side by side, for the alliances in defence of our and your independence, for mutual support – said Andrzej Duda.


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