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    Remote Work – the new regulation

    – Next week, we will present a ready-made bill regulating remote working for public consultations and departmental arrangements – said Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development Jarosław Gowin. As he conveyed, the draft assumes the payment of a lump sum by employers to cover the costs of working at home.

    The United Right’s “Polish Order” program presented on Saturday (15 May) announced, among other things, the regulation of remote working. Currently, the basis for providing work from home is the provisions of the so-called Covid Law of March 2020. According to them, businesses can direct employees to work remotely during the epidemic or outbreak state and up to three months after they are revoked.


    Deputy Prime Minister Gowin said that the finished draft law on remote working will be presented next week and sent to public consultations and inter-ministerial arrangements.


    He added that, in large part, the proposed law would uphold the current covid’s arrangements, which are well regarded by employers and employees. “If the ability to work remotely is systemically maintained – as it is today under the “Covid Law” – employers will pay employees a set lump sum to cover the costs an employee incurs for working from their home,” he said.


    He stressed that this solution is agreed with the employers and fully satisfactory to them. At the same time, he assured that he would do everything to avoid a loophole that would be created if the temporary provisions of the “Covid’s Act” ceased to apply.



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