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    Parents will receive PLN 12,000 per child. Minister says: We have secured funds for this benefit in the budget

    The Minister of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maląg, said that the Caring Parental Capital will be an additional benefit that parents will be able to collect between the 12th and 36th month of their child’s life. “These funds we have secured in the budget,” she pointed out.

    During this period, a monthly benefit will be paid, in the total amount of PLN 12 thousand,” she said.


    The Minister of Family and Social Policy, in an interview published in Tuesday’s Super Express, said that the “Family 500 plus” program would not change, but another component would be introduced. It is meant, she explained, to help with childcare when mom decides after parenthood whether to return to work or stay home.


    “So, it will be Caring Parental Capital, which is an additional benefit that parents will be able to collect between the 12th and 36th month of their child’s life. A monthly benefit of PLN 12,000 in total will be paid during this period. It is the parents who will decide what to spend it on and whether they prefer to receive PLN 1,000 for each month out of 12 or PLN 500 for each month out of 24. At the same time, we will strengthen the +Toddler plus+ program,” – Minister Maląg pointed out.


    Asked whether the benefit would also apply to children who have already been born, but are not yet three years old, or only to newborns, the Minister said that a public debate would be launched on May 26 “to find out what Poles expect from pro-family solutions in the Polish order”.


    “The final solution will be presented when this debate is over,” she announced.


    The final costs will depend on the shape of the bill. “Regardless of the amount, we have funding secured in the budget for this benefit,” she said.


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