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    Polish canoeists on the podium of the European Championships in Poznań

    Karolina Naja and Anna Puławska won the silver medal in K2 500 m, and Marta Walczykiewicz – bronze medal in K1 200 m in Saturday’s finals of the European Canoe Championships, which are held at the Malta track in Poznań.

    After two days of finals, the Polish national team has won a total of three medals – on Friday Martyna Klatt and Sandra Ostrowska reached for the bronze in the non-Olympic K2 1000 m competition.


    On Saturday, just behind the podium were Magda Stanny and Julia Walczak in C2 500 m. The sixth place in K2 200 m went to Paweł Kaczmarek and Bartosz Grabowski, the seventh in C1 1000 – Mateusz Kamiński, and the ninth in C1 200 – Oleksii Koliadych.


    The championships will run through Sunday. They are also the last test before the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Approximately 700 athletes from 35 countries compete in the event.


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