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    The iconic “Maluch” and “Żuk” on the route of the charity rally

    Fiat 125p, Maluch, Żuk, Nysa, Trabant, Wartburg and other cars and motorcycles enthusiasts from the former Eastern Bloc will set off this Saturday from Katowice in a charity rally “Złombol”. They have a route of over 2,000 kilometres to the coastal town of Burhaniye in Turkey.

    This will be the 14th rally, which traditionally raises money for children’s homes throughout Poland. On Saturday morning, 421 crews, usually composed of several people, are set to set off from Spodek in Katowice.


    Two main routes are planned, passing through Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Niš and Sofia. In Turkey, you can choose the option of crossing the Dardanelles – the strait between the Balkan Peninsula in Europe and Asia Minor or going through Istanbul. This year the rally is held under the theme “Over the rainbow”.


    The form of the final event at the end of June and the beginning of July is to be adapted to the requirements related to the pandemic – which last year made it impossible to organize the rally. Participants are bound by the regulations of the countries through which the route passes – most require up-to-date PCR tests for coronavirus or proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Those who do not wish to enter Turkey can finish the rally in Golden Sands, Bulgaria.


    “Each crew faces technical and logistical preparations and will have to deal with the route – very hot, with mountains, valleys and obstacles; a route full of breakdowns, challenges and unplanned events – the quintessential life of a traveller. Our tired equipment will provide many interesting memories and stories that will create new legends of Złombol” – says rally organizer Martyna Kinderman-Tetzlaff.


    To take part in the rally, each crew had to raise at least PLN 2 thousand – the money comes from companies and individuals whose stickers are on the cars. All the money raised goes to the children – the costs of the trip and preparation of the car are covered by the participants themselves.


    “You have to remember that Złombol is not only a beautiful journey, sightseeing, views and choosing the route. Złombol is a great challenge for the crews – each of them must obtain donors who will pay at least PLN 2 thousand to help children from orphanages all over Poland” – explained Martyna Kinderman-Tetzlaff.


    The main assumption and goal of the charity rally is – besides experiencing an unforgettable adventure – to collect money for the needs of children’s homes. With the money raised, the organisers, among other things, buy material gifts for the children (bicycles, computers, consoles and other equipment), pay for recreation and additional educational activities, such as swimming lessons. The project serves to equalize opportunities for children brought up in orphanages. The organizers of the rally ensure that the money goes to causes that meet the needs and expectations of the children and their caregivers.


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