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    Pat about differences between Poland and the UK [VIDEO]

    British rapper Pat, who comes from Poland, shot a music video for his latest song “Tyskie” in Piekary Śląskie, Poland. Thus, in the video we see, among others, Kopiec Wyzwolenia or Osiedle Wieczorka.

    He was born in Poland, specifically in Piekary Śląskie, but has lived in the UK for over ten years. He’s currently the star of TikTok (boasting over a million followers there) and already has several tracks.


    In early August, he shared his latest song titled “Tyskie”. It is his most autobiographical composition, and the video was shot in Piekary Śląskie, where Pat spent the first seven years of his life. It was the first time the artist appeared in his hometown since he moved to the UK.


    In the video we can see, among others, Kopiec Wyzwolenia or Osiedle Wieczorka. The song “Tyskie” is sung in English, but there are also Polish subtitles available.


    “I wanted to use the song as a way of educating people about the differences in life and culture between Poland and the UK, as I feel there are a lot of misunderstandings about what life is like in Poland and I feel that through the song people can really get an insight into my journey and feel what it was like to take the risk of moving,” explains Pat.


    “Tyskie is a song about the culture that shows two sides of my identity – Polish and English. I wanted to write a number that reflected how I felt at the time of writing. It’s a song about thinking deeply and remembering the past and looking to the future,” says Pat.


    He adds: “Sippin’ Tyskie on a park bench” is a text that represents the Polish attitude to life and is about immersing oneself in one’s thoughts, contemplating the surroundings, and treating life as a journey.


    Currently, the rapper from Piekary Śląskie is working on his debut EP, which – according to announcements – is to be released later this year. In addition to the song “Tyskie,” you can also listen to two of his other songs – “White Air Forces” and “Kodak” – on streaming services (both singles were released in 2021).

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