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    Poland as an “anchor of stability”

    Poland is Germany’s fifth-largest trading partner, Berlin’s fourth-largest, and the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry sees it as an “anchor of stability” for the capital’s economy in times of pandemic.

    The value of Polish-German trade was around 123 bn euros in 2020, almost three times as much as Russian-German trade and increased astronomically from the equivalent of just 4 bn euros in 1990,” writes the Berliner Zeitung.


    According to the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry quoted by the newspaper, Poland has proven to be an “anchor of stability” for Berlin’s economy during the 2020 pandemic crisis. Berlin’s exports increased by 15 percent to 794 million euros (up 189 percent compared to 2004, the year Poland joined the EU).


    Ewa Łabno-Falęcka, Director of Communication Department of Mercedes-Benz Poland, tells the newspaper that Polish-German cooperation in companies went well when German work organization meets Polish resourcefulness. 

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