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    AUTOSAN – buses that toured Poland

    AUTOSAN is one of the oldest factories in Poland, operating continuously since 1832. It is 185 years of the rich history of the company itself, but also of our country – every day thousands of Poles were transported by buses from Sanok to their daily chores and they still do it today.

    The history of AUTOSAN began when Walenty Lipinski and Mateusz Beksinski, participants of the November Uprising, founded a small boiler plant.  Initially, it produced goods corresponding to the needs of distillery and brewery production developing in the area.  At the end of the 19th century, the dynamically developing factory received an order for freight wagons for Cracow.  Their high quality resulted in further orders and the factory – known as the popular Sanowag – became the most important producer of railway carriages and trams in Poland.


    The first buses left the factory in the 1920s. They had wooden frames, built on chassis from the Italian company Lancia. After establishing the Central Industrial District, in which the factory of Sanok was included, the first bus on domestic parts with the symbol N-50 was produced.  After these experiences, large-scale production of buses began, and the factory adopted the name of Sanok Bus Factory AUTOSAN.  Since then, the production of subsequent models, which can now be called cult coach, has been started systematically: SAN H-01, SAN H-100, AUTOSAN H9. Without any exaggeration, we can say that AUTOSAN is a brand which transported Poland. Many generations of Poles got to know AUTOSAN buses. For decades they drove them to work, school, and vacations. They commuted to every corner of the country.  The Sanok factory has delivered over 114 thousand vehicles to the domestic and foreign markets.


    For years, the symbol of the factory has been the stork. Its stylised image is also the company logo. It is no coincidence that a Polish bus factory and this bird, which is one of the Polish symbols, are connected. Already in the middle of the last century storks favoured the factory chimney and made their nest there. Since then, successive generations of these beautiful birds have settled down near the production halls. Interestingly, the very first AUTOSAN logo included the symbol of a stork wing. It was designed by the famous Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński, who was an employee of the factory.


    AUTOSAN Sp. z o.o. is still a well-known Polish manufacturer of the city, intercity and special buses.  Today’s vehicles from this brand are modern, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly.  To meet the expectations of its customers, the company constantly implements the latest technologies and quality certificates in all areas of its activity.


    Autosan Sancity 10LF/



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