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    Boom in the travel vouchers

    With a travel voucher, we go for longer and spend more – according to a report of the Noclegi. pl website. Reservations made under the government program are on average 25% more expensive and include as much as a week-long vacation, which is three days longer than the one without the voucher.

    Government data shows that the total amount of payments made using the Polish Travel Voucher exceeded PLN 1 bn. 4 million children have already taken advantage of the voucher, and for more than 1/4 of them it was their first family holiday away from home.


    “Already 60% of holiday bookings were made using it. At the same time, not only tourists mobilized to take advantage of the government program. Every week there are more and more places where you can use the voucher,” says Natalia Jaworska, Noclegi. pl expert.


    A stay using a voucher is longer and more expensive. Tourists who took advantage of it chose accommodation on average 25% more expensive than those who did not take advantage of the government program. They also booked an average of 3 days longer – a week – stay.


    As indicated in the report by Noclegi. pl, guests using the travel voucher travel with whole families, an average of four people, there are also reservations for five or six people.


    “Apparently, despite some familiarity with the pandemic, we still want some distance during family vacations, we want to ensure privacy and safe conditions for our loved ones,” explains Natalia Jaworska.


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