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    The Power of Polish Vegetables campaign has started with a vengeance

    A meeting inaugurating the second edition of the “Power of Polish Vegetables” campaign was held on 4 August 2021 in Potworowo near Radom. The event was a great opportunity to present the promotional activities carried out so far and those planned for the second edition of the campaign. The event was hosted by the Polish Pepper Producers Association.

    The inaugural meeting was very popular. Potworów was attended by journalists, politicians, representatives of vegetable producer groups from all over Poland, experts, and of course consumers, the main group targeted by the “Power of Polish Vegetables” campaign. Among the speakers were Mirosław Łuska and Paweł Myziak (Management Board of ZPPRP), Dr Witold Boguta – President of the National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producers Groups and Dr Justyna Bylinowska – a dietician supervising the substantive sphere of the campaign.


    “It is very important for Polish producers to join forces and pursue common goals together. Consolidation of promotional activities of various groups of producers from all over Poland brings extremely satisfying results thanks to the use of the scale effect of performed activities. The campaign >>The Power of Polish Vegetables<< is a great example of this. More organizations are interested in participating in the project, so I am convinced that it will develop and be successfully continued in the upcoming years," said Witold Boguta.


    A very important part of the “Power of Polish Vegetables” campaign is educating consumers about the health benefits of a healthy, balanced diet based on Polish vegetables.


    “The established dietary patterns of Poles are not good for health. Even if we eat vegetables, we limit ourselves to only a few species. This results in monotony and little variety in the diet. An opportunity to change habits is the seasonality with which different types of vegetables appear in the market. Summer is a full harvest for most native vegetable species. Those grown in the fields bring back memories of holidays spent out of town. They are most available during this period. Moreover, their price encourages people to buy them. This also favours the preparation of traditional preserves. Pickles, marinades, sauces, mousses, frozen and dried vegetables – this is what Poles are masters in. Prepared traditionally, they retain much of their nutritional value. In winter, they are a great variety of dishes. Polish producers provide excellent local vegetables all year round. Let us appreciate this wealth and use its resources. Fill our plates with seasonal vegetables, and we’ll never suffer from monotony.  – argued dr Bylinowska


    “Moc Polskich Warzywa” (The Power of Polish Vegetables) is a campaign that was initiated by the Association of Pepper Producers of the Republic of Poland. In addition to the association, which coordinates the programme, the following are also taking part in the project: the National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Groups, Association of Producers of Tomatoes and Cucumbers under Cover, Raspberry King Association, Association of the Cultivated Mushroom Industry and Galician Garlic Association. The campaign is funded by the Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Fund.


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