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    Famous Polish singer arrested for drunk driving

    Mokotow policemen detained a 61-year-old woman who was driving under the influence of alcohol. Her blood-alcohol level was 2.0 per mil,” said Robert Koniuszy, spokesman for the Mokotow police. According to the Polish Press Agency, the detainee is Beata P. (commonly known as Beata K.), the co-founder and lead singer of the band Bajm.

    The incident took place on Wednesday evening in Warsaw’s Mokotów district. Beata P. (known as Beata K.) was supposed to be driving her BMW. She was driving along Niepodległości Avenue from Piaseczno towards Mokotów.


    According to unofficial information, the 61-year-old singer of the band Bajm was supposed to drive in an uncoordinated way. This was noticed by one of the drivers, who alerted the police and blocked P. from driving at the intersection of Niepodległości Avenue and Batorego Street.


    As reported by the spokesman for the Mokotow police, the Second Lieutenant Robert Koniuszy, the 61-year-old was tested with a breathalyzer. – The test showed two per mil of alcohol in his system, the police officer reported.


     – The woman’s driver’s license was taken away and the car was handed over to a designated person,” the Second Lieutenant stressed.


    After being detained, Beata P. was released to go home. According to PAP, the 61-year-old is due to report to police on Thursday, where she is expected to hear charges of driving while intoxicated. This act can carry up to two years in prison.


    Beata P. is the co-founder and vocalist of the band Bajm.


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