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    Let's Visit Praga!

    Praga – the ugly, beautiful side of Warsaw is located on the “other side” (the right bank) of the Vistula River. It attracts its fans with old, cobblestone streets and historic architecture, little communist-style “bary mleczne” (milk bars) and a cool, alternative nightlife, as well as the unpretentious nature of its residents. 

    Until the late 18th century, Praga developed as an independent township of a commercial nature. It consisted of several Jurydyks (districts outside of Warsaw city limits) – Praga Biskupia, Książęca, Kamion, and Golędzinowa. In 1791, the independent jurisdictions were abolished and Praga was incorporated into the City of Warsaw. Its infrastructure at the time included workshops, inns, saltworks, mansions and palaces. Praga enjoyed a good location on the trade and communication routes of the period. 

    Today the historical, somewhat chaotic history of Praga is reflected in its fascinating mix of people and places across the river from its larger and more prosperous neighbor, Central Warsaw.  

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