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    One of the toughest matches is behind us. Poles win against Russia

    Today’s match between the Poles and the Russians will surely pass into history. The win guaranteed Poland’s promotion to the semifinals of the European Volleyball Championship.  After a fierce battle, the Poles won 3:0 against the Russians.

    We sincerely congratulate the Poles, because their next semifinal match will be played in Katowice Spodek on Saturday.
    Poles played very confidently and evenly. From the very beginning, Poles were not letting go. The first set was won by the Poles by 25:14. The second set was a bit worse because the Polish team had to fight for two points advantage over their rival, which they did. 

    In the last set, both teams fought hard and the result could not be determined. With the 19th point, the Polish team began to gain an advantage and it was a missed play by the Russians that left the Poles unbeaten.
    We keep our fingers crossed for our national team and keep cheering.

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