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    Kielce BIKE-EXPO 2021

    Electromobility is gradually ceasing to be an alien, niche term used by experts, and is becoming part of the public discussion. Technology has begun to catch up with our needs, which are the desire to move quickly but also to fight for the environment. It is the topic of electric bikes in the Polish electromobility plan that the September forum, organized by Targi Kielce in cooperation with the Polish Bicycle Association, will be devoted to.

    Targi Kielce (Kielce Expo – editor’s note) has been cooperating with the Polish Bicycle Association for 10 years, supporting this important industry. We provide opportunities to make effective business and social connections.  It is only natural that Kielce Trade Fairs organize a forum on such an important issue as the development of electromobility in our country,” says Joanna Marcjan, Deputy Director of the Trade Fair Department at Kielce Trade Fairs.


    We hope that our forum will be of interest both to those who organize life in the places where we live, i.e., local government officials and ordinary bicycle users. We want to show that electric bikes are ready to be introduced into any electromobility activities. E-bike is a healthy mode of transportation, both for the cyclist and the environment. It does not generate traffic jams and exhaust fumes. It allows us to get further, faster and easier than a regular bike.  Because of the enforced distance, it is also an excellent form of transport during epidemics – lists Mateusz Pytko, Director of the Polish Bicycle Association Office.


    The director also adds that Kielce Trade Fairs have been an important partner for the association from the beginning. 


    “Thanks to the cooperation with Kielce Trade Fairs Polish bicycle industry can meet every year in autumn at the largest bicycle trade fair in Central and Eastern Europe. Kielce Trade Fairs is a reliable partner that responds quickly to the needs of our joint event, meeting new trends in the industry,” he says.


    The forum will address, among other things, legislative issues, how developers are preparing for electromobility (parking spaces, charging stations), what the planning of cycling in cities looks like (bicycle-only zones, delivery zones for electric cargo bikes), or the issue of bike rental, including electric bikes and electric cargo bikes.

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