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    Migrants knew the data on their phones was incriminating. “One tried to throw away the SIM card”

    “There is a huge proportion of people in this group who have links to terrorism, to the wider area of the crime of various kinds. The problem is that these are not individual cases, they are cases in huge numbers. A quarter of analyzed data storage devices contain such information,” – said Michał Rachoń’s guest, the Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs and Administration Błażej Poboży, in the program “#Jedziemy”.

    Links to terrorists, pictures of decapitated heads, pedophilic and zoophilic content – these are just some of the information disclosed by the Polish services about people who illegally crossed the Polish-Belarusian border. The pictures that have been shown to the public are horrifying. – “These are facts that everyone has to face,” said the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Mariusz Kamiński during a press conference.


    For what reason was it decided to show materials from the phones of migrants, who were verified by the Polish services? – Michał Rachoń asked Błażej Poboży in the “#Jedziemy” programme.


    “Above all, because something appeared in the media which I would call a form of moral blackmail, used against border guards, the government and all those who care about the security of the Polish border, that Poland, the Polish government, the Polish state is blocking the possibility of accepting refugees into Poland. We knew this beforehand, that there are no political refugees in this group,”


     – emphasized the deputy minister.


    “In the vast majority of cases, we are dealing with economic migrants, who bought plane tickets for a lot of money on the route between Baghdad and Minsk, among others, to get to this border area with Poland and then to force their way across the border. However, in addition to this, following the actions of the services subordinate to Minister Kamiński, it turned out that there is a huge number of people in this group who have links with terrorism, with the broadly defined area of various types of crime. The problem is that these are not individual cases, there are cases in huge numbers. One-quarter of the analyzed data carriers contain such information. Therefore, we are not dealing here, as some media have tried to explain, with some small percentage of refugees. That’s a quarter of the devices. What is more, these people detained by the Border Guard tried to conceal this data. One of them even threw away his SIM card. They were aware that the data on their phones was incriminating,”


     – said Błażej Poboży


    I agree that these pictures are horrible, fearful, but most of all they are real pictures and that is the worst,” he added.


     Finally, the politician added a question for some members of the Civic Platform (PO).


    “Now I would like to ask some of the politicians of the Civic Platform if these are people they would like to let into Poland, and maybe even take them home?


     – he asked.

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