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    No more historical lies! Borowski: It was not the Nazis who attacked Poland. It was the Germans!

    We found that on Tchorek’s plaques, the word “Hitlerowcy” (Nazis) should be replaced with the word “Germans”, said Adam Borowski, chairman of the Warsaw Club of “Gazeta Polska”, an anti-communist opposition activist, for the TV Republika website.

    Borowski reported that Andrzej Gelberg, who was an activist of the anti-communist underground and then the editor-in-chief of radio “Solidarity”, initiated a patriotic action. The word “Nazis” on the tablets of Karol Tchorek was replaced with the word “Germans”.

    “This inscription (Nazis, Adolf Hitler’s supporters) was created during the communist era. In order not to irritate comrade Erich Honecker, the perpetrators of the crimes were called the word . And they were not the Hitlerowcy who signed the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, they were not the Hitlerowcy who attacked Poland, but Germans. As we know from the stories of our ancestors, during World War II the term was not used, but Germans,” said Adam Borowski.

    Commemorative plaques with a common design created based on a design by Karol Tchorek from 1949, commemorate the places of struggle and martyrdom during World War II located in Warsaw. According to data from 2013, there were over 160 Tchorek plaques within the administrative borders of Warsaw.


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