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    Jan Rostowski to Run for European Parliament…in England

    Jan Rostowski, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, is running for election to the European Parliament. He is standing for the Change UK party in the United Kingdom, a new party started by former members of the Labour Party and Conservative Party. He will be running as a candidate to represent London, and he could realistically be in with the chance of winning a seat.

    Change UK has had a rocky start. It was initially known as The Independent Group when MPs first defected from the Labour Party, but recently became ‘Change UK’ when it officially registered as a political party. While it has failed to overtake Labour in the polls, it has overtaken the Liberal Democrats as the main party in the UK campaigning to reverse the decision to leave the European Union.

    Speaking about Brexit, Rostowski recently told the Business Insider:

    “I have always, in my political life, felt it’s really critical that you try and take part in those fulcrum points in history…This is another one of those historical moments. It’s bad for Britain, and it could also be very bad for Europe.”

    The decision is bound to be met with controversy, as British people feel betrayed by the lack of action on the decision made in the 2016 referendum. While Rostowski campaigns to stop Brexit, Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party is topping the polls for the European elections, despite being formed just months ago.

    Unless Theresa May delivers some kind of Brexit deal soon, the political divide in Britain is bound to grow greater, more extreme, and more chaotic.

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