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    “Chopin's music conquers hearts all over the world”

    Fryderyk Chopin’s music conquers the hearts of people all over the world; it is easy to recognize its Polish character, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in his podcast, encouraging people to learn about the works of this outstanding composer during the ongoing Chopin Competition.

    “Luckily, we have Chopin,” said the Prime Minister. He explained that this was a constant comment from his friend when the conversation was about a difficult Polish history.

    “Now I have to repeat his words: yes, it’s a luck that we have Chopin. It’s amazing that his music conquers the hearts of people all over the world, although in these sounds it is so easy to recognize the Polish character. Anyone who doubts it or has never listened to Chopin, I really encourage to do it. Now it is the best opportunity,” said the Prime Minister.

    “It can be said, perversely, that Chopin shows well what we have been talking about for a long time: yes, we are an inseparable part of European culture. We are thoroughly European, but the foundation of our identity, what most fully defines our way of life and behaviour is Polishness and our Polish character,” added Morawiecki.

    Referring to the ongoing Chopin Competition, the head of government also emphasized that “Warsaw has once again turned into the world capital of music”.

    “This year’s competition is extremely fierce and at a high level. Probably there were never so many participants at this stage. And I am very happy that there are as many as six Poles among the participants. I admit that I have my favourite, but I keep my fingers crossed for all our representatives,” he assured.


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