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    A macabre discovery. There was a woman's bloody body in the car

    The bloodied corpse of a 32-year-old woman in a car was found on Friday night in one of the villages of Trzebieszów commune. Police are not commenting on the shocking discovery for the sake of the investigation – only that the deceased was confirmed to be a resident of the community.

    On Friday before 11 p.m. the police received information that in one of the villages of Trzebieszów municipality there was a bloodied woman in a car.


    “Police officers who went to the spot found the 32-year-old woman dead,” reported staff warrant officer Marcin Józwik from the District Police Headquarters in Łuków.


    We only know that the woman was an inhabitant of the Trzebieszów municipality. Police are not revealing how the incident may have occurred.


    “For the time being we do not provide any more information for the sake of the proceedings,” the policeman added.


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