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    Staggering profits of State Treasury's companies

    The net profit of the twenty largest State Treasury’s companies has surpassed the achievements of the corresponding period of 2020, Businessinsider. com reported on Friday (16 Oct). Companies led by Orlen, KGHM, and PGE earned a total of PLN 11.1 billion. That’s 82 per cent more than last year!

    The first quarter of 2021 was said to be a record when lockdown reserves were liquidated at companies. And so it was. Until now, when the Q2 data was checked. State Treasury’s companies achieved a result that surprised experts. Positively, because the results are sensational.



    “PLN 15.4 billion – this is how much the 20 largest public companies and 20 largest private companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange earned in net profit in the second quarter of 2021,” reports Businessinsider noting that this is a record.


    The hits among State Treasury’s companies when it comes to the biggest increase in profits are:


    – PGE – net profit of PLN 1,882 million, (PLN 1,031 million y/y),

    – KGHM – net profit of PLN 2,359 million (PLN 2,349 million y/y),

    – Lotos – net profit PLN 1,058 million (PLN 1,135 million y/y).


    The biggest surprise was KGHM. Net profit in Q2 2021 was PLN 2.36 billion. This is the third-best result in history.


    PKN Orlen can boast a profit slightly smaller than that of the copper company, PLN 2.24 billion.

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